Sunday, December 16, 2012


I had some fun checking out the local antique stores this weekend. It's not an ideal activity to take the kids on but they were really well behaved. Ella was slow and quiet and had a blast checking everything out and finding things (dogs, horses, birds) that I told her to look for. Marshall was carried the whole time of course...way too tempting for a three year old and while he was heavy to pack around he was surprising good about it and also had fun pointing to and talking about everything.

This particular post is picture heavy and if you don't like the things I listed above than you probably won't be all that into it. Just as an FYI. ;)

These two prints I thought would be nice with a frame change. Not big on the old gold look, although it might fit into some people's decor...just not mine.

I kind of liked this wood duck print.

I kind of liked this pheasant too but it wasn't Chris's style at

Loved this old tin and it came home with me.

Great American Cocker statue..I think it's was big.

How about this Schnauzer? Also Sandicast I think.

Love the Shih Tzu. :)

I really like wooden ducks/geese and this Canada goose came home with me. When I brought it to the till it ended up being not only on sale but also an extra 20% off on top of that...just $18 which I was thrilled with. 

Fox's 50% off right now.

I liked this old had some writing on the back saying Happy Birthday to someone and was dated 1938.

Labrador sporting dog print. Signed and numbered.

Some fun really old school fox hunting prints.

Large whippet/greyhound standing ashtray.

English Bulldog


Pair of Scottish terrier bookends.

German Shepherd print.

Really liked this Labrador statue.

GSD statue

Setters, there were two exactly the same and were marked down from $18 to $10 each and then a further 20% off, so only $8 each. They came home with me. :)

Black Labrador, I think it was Sandicast.

Royal Doulton German Shepherd statue. A real collectors item...wish I had been able to find the Royal Doulton Doberman which is something I always keep my eyes open for when in antique stores.

Borzoi statue.

I love this Golden Pheasant serving platter and it's been in the store for awhile, but it's an expensive one at $165.

Setter head wall plaque.

Pointer/Irish Setter hunting print.

Serving platter with an old school fox hunting scene.

Decorative plate with a fox hunting scene.

That's it! I found all kinds of fun goodies but only brought home three very reasonably priced items (pats herself on back).
If you are local to this area and see something you like send me a message and I'll tell you where I found it and how much it was.

We got a little bit of snow here tonight so now feels like a good time to enjoy a hot chocolate and Baileys.
I'm going to have so many calories to run off come January.... 

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