Thursday, February 6, 2014

Juicing days 2-4

I'll start with the best part, down 8.6 lbs in only three days. That's crazy! But very motivating and you need that kind of motivation to get through the first few days. I would definitely recommend mentally preparing yourself before taking on a juice fast because it's not easy. The first day was the hardest for me hunger wise and each day has gotten steadily better. It's the morning of the fourth day right now and I did wake up feeling hungry, my stomach was actually rumbling, but I've had two glasses of juice and I'm now drinking water and I feel pretty good.

I've been trying to really switch up the colours so I know I'm getting a variety of nutrients. I juiced a half a purple cabbage this morning and the juice is a beautiful deep deep purple.

This is a mix of carrots, orange bell pepper, cucumber, orange, apple and parsley...

This is spinach…

This is a mix of several different things with spinach being the base...

You are supposed to drink at least 64oz of juice per day as well as the same amount in water. This 2 liter jug is 66oz and I've been drinking it everyday. I find it easier to blend everything up in the morning so that way there is only one clean up. I don't have a specific time or amount I drink, I just kind of drink it all day long. The juice is good in the fridge for three days but I only make up a day at a time.

A couple of things I have noticed over the last three and a half days….

Day 2 and 3 I was freezing cold, just couldn't warm up. I had the fireplace going, sweaters and big booty slippers but still brrrr! I'm not sure why that was….metabolism slowed right down? Not burning nearly so many calories? Today I feel warm, almost too warm.
Day 1 and 2 I had a steady headache…right on through until I woke up on in the morning on day 3. I took some painkillers as it was making me irritable and that helped. I also upped my juice and water intake which I think was good for the headache as well.
 Day 2 and 3 I felt a bit foggy and today (day 4) I don't feel foggy but my back is killing me, right between my shoulder blades in the middle of my back. I'm clearly going into a healing crisis.

A friend sent me this interesting link to the different stages of a juice fast detox and if you are doing this with me, or planning to do a juice fast in the future you should definitely read it.

I tried some ginger in my juice this morning and it was so good. No need to peel, just throw a hunk in there, very refreshing!

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  1. Awesome start! Way to keep at it. Glad it's getting easier and that you're having positive results :

    1. Today has been rough…really hungry, hoping for better tomorrow!