Sunday, February 16, 2014

A few thoughts on my juice fast

I did six days of fasting in total and lost 10.2lbs. I have been eating carefully for the most part since I stopped and haven't gained any weight back….I haven't lost anymore either but I'm ok with that, I was really worried about gaining weight back after fasting.

Here are some of my observations about the juicing:

1. It provides very fast weight loss which is very motivating and for me is what helped me stick to it. 
2. While hunger is the worst at the beginning and gets easier as the days go by it never went away for me. This could be because I only fasted for six days but I was hungry pretty much the whole time, it just varied in intensity.
3. I was cold most of the time. This could be because my metabolism was slowing right down and I wasn't burning nearly as many calories but I was in sweatshirts, socks and slippers the whole time. I don't normally care for herbal tea very much but I did drink it because it helped warm me up.
4. Remember to take in at least 64oz of juice and the same in water to keep yourself properly hydrated, this will help with headaches.
5. I didn't have a lot of energy and overall felt quite weak.
6. Lemon and ginger added to most juices are so yummy and refreshing, not to mention good for you so don't hesitate to throw some in the mix.
7. Although it was difficult I would do it again. I think it's a good way to detox, reboot and kick start weight loss.

I am continuing to juice for the health benefits but I am also eating healthy as well. I get more veggies into myself this way as there is no way I could eat the amount that I am juicing.

I watched another documentary on Netflix called Hungry for Change and I highly recommend you check it out too:

It will motivate you to change up your diet and add juicing in as a way to up your nutritional intake.

I intend to do another juice fast again in the near future in order to keep my weigh loss going down. How about you? Have you tried juicing? Do you plan to?

Here's to our health!

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