Monday, January 27, 2014

Juicing….it is for me?

I recently watched this movie: 

It's a documentary made by and starring Joe Cross, an Australian fellow who was overweight, and had an autoimmune skin condition that he was taking multiple medications for in order to try to keep it under control. He wasn't well and decided to make a change. He went on a juice fast for 60 days in order to detox, reboot, lose weight and try to get off the medication he was taking. It worked..amazingly so. His weight loss was astounding, by the end of the 60 days I believe he was at about 80lbs. He continued to eat well once he was done the fast and his total weight loss is about 100lbs. He also got completely off his medications and has had no flair ups. Seriously motivating stuff.

You can learn more about the movie here.

This is the movie trailer:

In my last blog post I mentioned how I was having trouble getting motivated to change up my eating habits and get more exercise, this movie was the push I needed. Right now I'm in the prep stage. I think if I went cold turkey into juicing the detox would be a lot tougher. Right now I'm trying to up my water intake along with adding in more fruits and veggies. One thing I've really noticed when I eat processed foods and too many carbs is that my face gets very red and bumpy, and if I'm really bad than I get those same bumps on my body too. Super attractive… Foundation becomes my best friend, and winter clothes are awesome. 
Other than being nervous about going completely off of eating and only drinking juice my only other real concern is food costs. You need a lot of fruits and veggies and I'm trying to maintain a pretty tight budget here. I have started really looking for more cost effective options and I'm lucky to have a farmers market just down the road. The other big cost of course is the juicer itself. Wal Mart has some good options which I've found in my online searches and I'll be checking them out in store this week.
This will be a big change and there is no doubt it is going to be difficult but I really feel like 2014 is my year and there is no better time to do it.

If you're interested in joining me and would like a little more information:
There are lots of great recipes and diet plans here.
And the YouTube channel is great, you can find it here.
I also recommend watching the movie, I watched it on Netflix but it's also online.

I would love to hear from you if you have any experience with juicing or if you would like to do this with me (the more the merrier!). 
Please leave a comment in the section below.


  1. I should really join you! :)

  2. I am.waiting to hear how you do first. Please keep us posted, even little Facebook updates would be great!

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